About Me

Greetings! Here are a few words about me!

I am a passionate reader, writer, traveler and bodybuilder. I have a collection of over 300 books; I have been writing fictional stories since elementary school; I have visited England, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Iceland and Japan; and I am dedicated to the gym. I attend Penn State for electrical engineering, and I hope to one day explore the career field of robotics.

I am a lover of music, especially classical, rock and techno. My iPod is crammed with soundtrack/trailer music, the central inspiration for my work. Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Two Steps From HellEpic ScoreImmediateAudiomachine and Nox Arcana are some of my favorite artists!

I attempted writing several fantasy novels in the past, and I even tried my luck with horror. I am now writing a book titled Mistress, a science-fiction epic combining the two concepts of nanotechnology and religious tyranny. I also write short fiction and submit to online magazines, though Mistress is my primary work and I look forward to a chance at publication!